Welcome to Great Bardfield Pre-School Website
We treat all children as individuals and respond accordingly to all their needs, in a friendly, safe environment. Our aim is to broaden all the children’s horizons by learning through play and to help them in their journey through the early years outcomes.
Our main aims are that the children learn:
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  • To share and play with other children
  • To trust new adults and accept new situations
  • To experiment with all sorts of materials and activities
  • To express themselves in many different ways
  • To develop their language skills
  • To work things out and do things for themselves
More details of the early learning goals are provided in our prospectus.
Great Bardfield Pre-School was established in 1970 by a group of parents who wanted pre-school education in the village for their children.  In 1997 we succeeded in our bid for Lottery Funding for a new building situated in the grounds of the Great Bardfield Primary School. We are proud of our purpose built, well equipped, facilities complete with enclosed outdoor play area.
We maintain close links and have an excellent relationship with the school making the transition to "big school" even easier.
Registered under the Children’s Act and validated by OFSTED as approved providers of sessional day care and pre-school learning for children age 2 to 5 years old, we offer well considered create play opportunities for the involvement of sympathetic and understanding adults in a safe and nurturing environment.